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*So I wrote this last year and didn't release it. Thought I might post it and see what people think.

Let me drop a little math real quick, so maybe some people out there can better understand a few of my realities. I'm making this about race, but this is in fact the reality for many people for a variety of reasons beyond just race. When you are a minority in whatever sense of the word this is what you are up against.

So I live in Rhea County TN and here are is a little breakdown of the population taken from Census Data:

Population estimates, July 1, 2018, 33,044

Race and Hispanic Origin White alone, not Hispanic or Latino                                90.0% Black or African American alone                                         2.2% American Indian and Alaska Native                                    0.6% Asian alone                                                                             0.6% Native Hawaiian and Other P…
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For a long time now I have fought and struggled to be defined by my words and actions and not by those of others. Even after being open and admitting my many faults and failures many still try to put me in a box of their own making. This phenomena is not something I alone endure. In fact if many took the time to examine themselves they probably would see that they too have been judged, or diagnosed, or pigeon holed into something or someone that they are not.
     Now this is not some grand conspiracy, but just an admission of the truth that we are all constantly being defined. From birth our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, even other siblings are trying to define us or we are being defined because of them. Your dad was a preacher so that is what you will become also when the time comes.
     At birth we all came out a certain color and are classified into a certain race. This alone will mark many of us for the entirety of our lives. You may be in the minority or the majority o…

Lessons From The Storm

First off I ask anyone reading this to keep all the people affected by the tornado's in TN last week in your prayers, and please continue to support the recovery efforts. Secondly I will be speaking plainly when it comes to race so no offense is meant and these are my observations and opinions, not necessarily the facts.
     So I am writing this post to share some observations from my time in Nashville last week helping with the recovery efforts. I was in college in 1998 when a tornado came through East Nashville and devastated the area I grew up in. The trees, they used to cover the area, shading it. Suddenly they were gone and it just didn't look the same. The trees were down everywhere covering houses and buildings that I had remembered seeing on a daily basis as a child. Now once again the city is hit with maybe an even worse tornado that cut a path right through the city. Parts of East Nashville that were rebuilt and revitalized was once again devastated. This storm cam…


All can be summed up by these two commandments:



     These are the words of the Master Teacher. They should be the focus, the goal for our lives. If we can aspire to fulfill these two commandments then we will be like him. The purpose of his coming to the earth and dying for all of us was so to set an example of the kind of life we should live, and it can all be summed up by those two simple commandments.
     So we should definitely focus all our time, attention, and efforts on things such as supporting the all powerful and enlightened body politic, political issues, environmental activism, attaining wealth and prosperity. This is the gospel and we should spread it every chance we get. Our daily conversations with people at work, school, and at home should be about these things. Here are some examples of how to apply the commandments:

     -Everything we post and like…

Let Me Splain This (What Matters)

As this year comes to a close I thought I would share some something I wrote a while ago and never posted. It is related to a post from a few years ago I made about my house in Nashville that flooded:

     If you haven't read it I encourage you to click the link above. So it was basically me describing the events that happened around the time the house flooded during the Great Flood of Nashville. More than that however I was trying to make a bigger point which might have been lost. Sometimes I may be too subtle and veiled in my writings, so I decided to make this post. I decided to be more blunt in the point I was making back then.
      So when I was talking about "my house" I was making a point about "this country". You see the whole country matters, not just one part of it or one of its people. We are very separated in many ways in this country, but we are one country. One house with many ro…


A new era was at hand under Supreme Leader DUPEL. During his reign the empire continued to prosper. The TRADITIONALIST embraced this prosperity as a sign of the righteousness of their beliefs. They spoke only of what they gained now in this era, ignoring how they had already been prospering and gaining under the leadership of OBERON. During his reign they had felt oppressed and now they felt overjoyed and wanted to erase anything that reminded them of OBERON's reign.
     On the other side the PROGRESSIVIST cried out openly, fearing that all that they thought they had gained under OBERON would be lost, ignoring that they continued to prosper despite the change in leadership. They expressed anger on occasion and tried to unseat DUPEL at any cost. Some of them even resorted to the same unfair tactics and closed mindedness that they had accused the TRADITIONALIST of having during OBERON's reign.
     So the Empire remained bitterly divided. DUPEL attempted to address longstandin…


With OBERON'S time on the throne coming to the end, new candidates rose to challenge for leadership of the empire. On the Progressivist side a successor had been named. A woman named CLAHNA believed she was ready, and that the Empire itself was ready for its first female Supreme Leader. Still challengers came forth to say they were a better choice. Some of these people claimed that it was time for the Empire to go much further and totally abandon tradition. The young flocked to these people with promises of a utopia that they had been indoctrinated to believe was not only possible, but was inevitable. Their passions did not equal power, and the new people had to bow down and accept the chosen successor.
     On the Traditionalist side a multitude of candidates came forth. Each one believing that the Empire was tired of the Progressivist doctrine and ready for a return to the old ways. Many of these candidates had been part of the ruling class, yet an outsider usurped all of them.…