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Crying the Words Don't Make it Right

So I am about fed up with people incorrectly or improperly using certain words. They cry out loud and shout these words from the rooftop trying to invoke something in people. For the sake of furthering agendas, people are using words that have great meaning and significance with no regard for the consequences, and slowly but surely these words lose their meaning. Words that should have great impact when used are thrown out like worthless everyday jargon. Here are the definitions of a few that have been frequently on the lips of the unintelligent and unenlightened rulers of our collective consciousness and society.
As defined by Websters:

Definition of socialism

1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods 2a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and …
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Somewhere around early the early two thousands or actually late nineties people started talking about "Ride or Die". I think it might have started as an expression for people in the biker lifestyle. It probably was used in the past and came back into prominence. Its used now as an expression to say how far you will go for someone or something. Other statements akin to it could be Womb to Tomb, Cradle to Grave, To Hell and Back, Stand by Your Man, All for One and One for All. Maybe the last two are a stretch, but you get what I'm saying.
     A person is willing to do "X" for you, which could include a personal sacrifice up to and including them dying or sometimes even killing for you at the extreme. On the lower end of the scale it could just be looking past some of your flaws or faults and treating you like your worth gold or as simple as always answering drunken text and phone calls in the middle of the night. Having someone that you know is there for you an…


So I was not aware of the whole controversy over the Native American demonstration in DC until yesterday, and I am glad. Glad because yesterday I got to see more of the picture of what went on. Far too often people get on here and pick some side without knowing what happened. It doesn't hurt to take some time and let things play out before rushing to judgment.
      Now what I want to express today is my view of the situation in hopes of bringing back some civility to our discussions in real life and here on the Internet. First off I must say this, I am just a man, I am not perfect and nothing I say on here is divine truth. This is opinion that I base on my observation and the values I believe in. So here is my take.
      The Native American group had a permit and was there to peacefully express themselves. Anyone in the area should have gotten out of their way and allowed them to perform. The group being labeled as black Israelites were there as they probably are ever…

Your silence speaks louder than your words

So its MLK Day and I happened to hear this quote and it struck a nerve with me. I find it to be very true in my own life. It hurts me deeply that people who say they are my friend, and to an extent even family, will talk all day about certain things and remain silent on others. Now I get it, we don't know everything, we are not up to date on every situation, some things affect us more personally than others. I guess maybe that's why it hurts, because I have watched as so called friends placed things ahead of me that I thought would not have been.      Now I am not the most important thing in this world. Please do not mistake this as being about how I am greater than everything in your life. I would never ask people to place me before their husband/wife, children, mother/father, roof over their head, or food on their table. I am not at all necessary for any one's existence. I live to not depend on anyone but the Most High, and as far as I know I have no dependants, so the …


Insomnia III

     So what of all this, is it just ramblings from someone that can't quiet his mind. Is it crazy babbling from a guy whose indigestion, from eating to much cheesy bread, is making him restless.
     Perhaps its a sort of therapy for something that can't be explained away or forgotten. In the sharing of things that keep us up at night, maybe some of the burden is lifted.
     So what can this vague story really mean. Maybe its about the consequences of actions, and how many people your choices can impact. It could be about the cycle of abuse and how we need to break it before it kills us and innocents caught in the crossfire become collateral damage.
     Might even be a story about fake news, and pushing an agendas to make people feel safe and have confidence in those entrusted with their safety. Could be a story about a conspiracy to hide the truth in murky waters and the heaping of undeserved acclaim on supposed heroes that let his happen when they ignored th…


Insomnia II

     So now as I write on what should be used for my dream pad, I am still left to wonder why. Then I remember what the voices of the children said. They said she hadn't slept for days. I remember her voice said she needed to leave them with someone there so they would be safe. I remember I was told she wanted to harm herself, and not anyone else. I recollect of hearing about her husband abusing her. Still even now, confused about what I heard and from who, and I'm not sure whats real.
     In the midst of thinking of a tragedy averted, all those years ago, I am still left wondering now of the truth of it all. I can't sleep because my mind is racing, triggering raw emotion, and in the end there will still be no answer.
     Right after it happened there was secrecy and innuendo, the spin zone was in full effect. Even I spun something in my mind to stay sane, and make everything all right. Had to keep going, pushing forward, moving on up,on to the next one. A w…


Sometimes you forget things from your past and how much they affected you. Then one night you can't sleep because that memory lingers and plays in your mind. So here is the first of three post about an incident in my past. Its personal reflections that are told in an intentionally vague way to keep me out of trouble on the Internet. Some will know details of the story from private conversations, but no one has probably heard me express the impact it has had on me. So here is part one.

     It was an ordinary day. I thought I was finished, another job well done, lets hit the showers, drinks on me. Then out of nowhere it almost hit me, she almost hit me, literally. Seconds moved at the speed of light. Thoughts were had, decisions made, blink of an eye and it was over. I could have died, she could have killed, she could have died, I could have killed. She could have killed the bystanders around me, I could have killed the innocents with her. Something more than me …