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Let Me Splain This (What Matters)

As this year comes to a close I thought I would share some something I wrote a while ago and never posted. It is related to a post from a few years ago I made about my house in Nashville that flooded:

     If you haven't read it I encourage you to click the link above. So it was basically me describing the events that happened around the time the house flooded during the Great Flood of Nashville. More than that however I was trying to make a bigger point which might have been lost. Sometimes I may be too subtle and veiled in my writings, so I decided to make this post. I decided to be more blunt in the point I was making back then.
      So when I was talking about "my house" I was making a point about "this country". You see the whole country matters, not just one part of it or one of its people. We are very separated in many ways in this country, but we are one country. One house with many ro…
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A new era was at hand under Supreme Leader DUPEL. During his reign the empire continued to prosper. The TRADITIONALIST embraced this prosperity as a sign of the righteousness of their beliefs. They spoke only of what they gained now in this era, ignoring how they had already been prospering and gaining under the leadership of OBERON. During his reign they had felt oppressed and now they felt overjoyed and wanted to erase anything that reminded them of OBERON's reign.
     On the other side the PROGRESSIVIST cried out openly, fearing that all that they thought they had gained under OBERON would be lost, ignoring that they continued to prosper despite the change in leadership. They expressed anger on occasion and tried to unseat DUPEL at any cost. Some of them even resorted to the same unfair tactics and closed mindedness that they had accused the TRADITIONALIST of having during OBERON's reign.
     So the Empire remained bitterly divided. DUPEL attempted to address longstandin…


With OBERON'S time on the throne coming to the end, new candidates rose to challenge for leadership of the empire. On the Progressivist side a successor had been named. A woman named CLAHNA believed she was ready, and that the Empire itself was ready for its first female Supreme Leader. Still challengers came forth to say they were a better choice. Some of these people claimed that it was time for the Empire to go much further and totally abandon tradition. The young flocked to these people with promises of a utopia that they had been indoctrinated to believe was not only possible, but was inevitable. Their passions did not equal power, and the new people had to bow down and accept the chosen successor.
     On the Traditionalist side a multitude of candidates came forth. Each one believing that the Empire was tired of the Progressivist doctrine and ready for a return to the old ways. Many of these candidates had been part of the ruling class, yet an outsider usurped all of them.…


In a far away land there was an Empire with a population that was divided on how the society should be run and who should rule them. Because of the division, very distinct groups formed over time. Nearly half wanted to keep with tradition, while an almost identical sized part of the population favored forgetting the past. The first group was called Traditionalist and the second group was called Progressivist. There is a third smaller group, Indies, that see the value in maintaining traditions, but also knows that without progress there will be stagnation, which has been the downfall of many Empires.
      For a long time the Empire had been the unchallenged power of their world, but in the last few decades that preeminence was slipping. It was a time of peril for the land as crops did not produce as they had before. Many lost their farms and homes and had to beg for help so they would not perish. A seemingly never ending war against an enemy, that could be in lands far and wide or wi…

For the Love of the Game

So I am a fan of sports, in particular track and field. Now I am not a fanatic. I watch sports and have even tried to play some, but I just enjoy it. It is not anywhere near a priority in life. I probably would have it higher on my list if I had ever been any good at something I played, but unfortunately I was not meant to be an athlete.
     Alright enough pontificating, my big word for the day. Time to get to the heart of this post which is playing sports. I feel that everyone should because it helps you become part of a team in many instances, which we all are whether we realize it or not. It also teaches life lessons in perseverance, dealing with stress, improving yourself, setting goals, winning, losing, and how you grow from all the experiences you will have while playing.
     Most importantly in sports is the notion of playing fair. I don't care if the person or team I like losses, well that is not completely true, but no matter if they do I just want it to be fair. If I…


Once again the people of this country are paying attention to the violence that takes place in our nation. Several mass shootings have captured our attention and our politicians are even taking notice and shouting about what they perceive are causes and solutions. Once again I am hearing about MENTAL HEALTH.
     First a little background on my experiences. Growing up I saw a person who was normally happy and smiling, not be on their medication and suddenly they were trying to fight people in church. As a police officer I had a number of instances with people not on their medication, or needing to have been on medication, and violent and sometimes just strange confrontations occurred. I also in general have noted how the societies I have lived around sometimes disregard MENTAL HEALTH, or stigmatize it to the point where people don't seek mental help out of fear and shame. In particular I have experienced a severe lack of focus on MENTAL HEALTH in the black communities and culture…

Second Civil War III

This is a final post on the subject and a final encouragement for change in our lives. Above is a map I found on a Reddit thread on alternative maps. This is supposedly after a second civil war. I just thought it looked interesting and others hopefully thought the same and clicked to read this post.
     You see I can only change me and you can only change you. When we all individually change for the better the country will change for the better. So one final thought from the lessons of Jesus that will hopefully at least give you pause in your life and help you have introspection about your daily walk.

     For this country to heal and receive all the blessings from above, we have to learn to forgive. We continue to hate each other because we cannot forgive. We don't forgive because we think that means the other person or people win if we do. We think that means that there will be no justice or repayment or consequence for actions if we forgive. We think about all of that instead…