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For the Love of the Game

So I am a fan of sports, in particular track and field. Now I am not a fanatic. I watch sports and have even tried to play some, but I just enjoy it. It is not anywhere near a priority in life. I probably would have it higher on my list if I had ever been any good at something I played, but unfortunately I was not meant to be an athlete.
     Alright enough pontificating, my big word for the day. Time to get to the heart of this post which is playing sports. I feel that everyone should because it helps you become part of a team in many instances, which we all are whether we realize it or not. It also teaches life lessons in perseverance, dealing with stress, improving yourself, setting goals, winning, losing, and how you grow from all the experiences you will have while playing.
     Most importantly in sports is the notion of playing fair. I don't care if the person or team I like losses, well that is not completely true, but no matter if they do I just want it to be fair. If I…
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Once again the people of this country are paying attention to the violence that takes place in our nation. Several mass shootings have captured our attention and our politicians are even taking notice and shouting about what they perceive are causes and solutions. Once again I am hearing about MENTAL HEALTH.
     First a little background on my experiences. Growing up I saw a person who was normally happy and smiling, not be on their medication and suddenly they were trying to fight people in church. As a police officer I had a number of instances with people not on their medication, or needing to have been on medication, and violent and sometimes just strange confrontations occurred. I also in general have noted how the societies I have lived around sometimes disregard MENTAL HEALTH, or stigmatize it to the point where people don't seek mental help out of fear and shame. In particular I have experienced a severe lack of focus on MENTAL HEALTH in the black communities and culture…

Second Civil War III

This is a final post on the subject and a final encouragement for change in our lives. Above is a map I found on a Reddit thread on alternative maps. This is supposedly after a second civil war. I just thought it looked interesting and others hopefully thought the same and clicked to read this post.
     You see I can only change me and you can only change you. When we all individually change for the better the country will change for the better. So one final thought from the lessons of Jesus that will hopefully at least give you pause in your life and help you have introspection about your daily walk.

     For this country to heal and receive all the blessings from above, we have to learn to forgive. We continue to hate each other because we cannot forgive. We don't forgive because we think that means the other person or people win if we do. We think that means that there will be no justice or repayment or consequence for actions if we forgive. We think about all of that instead…

Second Civil War II

Continuing with my thoughts on race and division in this country I would like to briefly touch on another lesson from Jesus teachings that I believe can help us overcome our issues with race. Really it is the whole reason for Jesus coming to earth, and that reason is love. The Father loves us so much that he sent the Son down to save us though we don't deserve it.
     Now of course people are automatically going to say we are tired of hearing about love, we want action. Love is not just a feeling and nothing else, that's the furthest thing from the truth. Love should guide your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

     So first off is the lesson of loving your enemy. Its something I have been focusing on in my personal spiritual growth over the last few years. Luckily I get the chance just about everyday to put it to the test, and it makes me stronger. The world says hate people not like yourself, hate people who don't believe what you do. We are told to get back at people w…

Second Civil War I

So hopefully the picture and title got your attention. This map breaks down how areas voted in recent elections. Blue democrat and red republican. Not a clear north and south like before, but that won't make a difference if we can't resolve issues that divide us to the point of hating one another. One reason that I think we could find ourselves at war with each other again is because we haven't yet solved our issues on race. So here is something I wrote a while back as part of a series on race in this country I wanted to do and never posted. Since lately I've heard some people talk of the division in this country leading to another civil war I have re-purposed this post as thoughts on how we could avoid such a catastrophe.
     America faces many issues, but in particular we have had issues with race. Things from the past still affect things today, and whether we acknowledge it or not its still happening. I have come to believe that we still have issues with race beca…

Crying the Words Don't Make it Right

So I am about fed up with people incorrectly or improperly using certain words. They cry out loud and shout these words from the rooftop trying to invoke something in people. For the sake of furthering agendas, people are using words that have great meaning and significance with no regard for the consequences, and slowly but surely these words lose their meaning. Words that should have great impact when used are thrown out like worthless everyday jargon. Here are the definitions of a few that have been frequently on the lips of the unintelligent and unenlightened rulers of our collective consciousness and society.
As defined by Websters:

Definition of socialism

1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods 2a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and …


Somewhere around early the early two thousands or actually late nineties people started talking about "Ride or Die". I think it might have started as an expression for people in the biker lifestyle. It probably was used in the past and came back into prominence. Its used now as an expression to say how far you will go for someone or something. Other statements akin to it could be Womb to Tomb, Cradle to Grave, To Hell and Back, Stand by Your Man, All for One and One for All. Maybe the last two are a stretch, but you get what I'm saying.
     A person is willing to do "X" for you, which could include a personal sacrifice up to and including them dying or sometimes even killing for you at the extreme. On the lower end of the scale it could just be looking past some of your flaws or faults and treating you like your worth gold or as simple as always answering drunken text and phone calls in the middle of the night. Having someone that you know is there for you an…