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So a few weeks ago I shared something from the Bible with someone, because I heard some things they were saying and thought the scripture could help them as it has helped me. I shared it with them because I believed that they appreciated the word of God. So I have thought to share the scripture in a blog post. For those who believe in the Bible it will and should have meaning to you and hopefully make you look at your life. I know it has made me look at my life and the things I say and do. Even if you don't believe in the Bible I still hope you read this post and give it some thought.     In the highly charged political climate in the United States it has become common place for people to use abusive and hateful language towards people who don't agree with them. I have even heard people wish death and destruction upon people they feel oppose their political views. It has even honestly gone beyond speaking, to the point that people have been physically threatened, assaulted, an…
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A Little Disturbed III

Lastly there have been some anti-Semitic language used recently by a few black people of prominence. For some of them I must say this is not new and if you go back you will see that they have made similar statements in the past. Even if they actually had some basis for what they have said, it is drawing attention away from the message of police brutality and injustice. I want to unequivocally say that any Antisemitism or Racist language against white people is just as wrong as what they say against black people. People saying and doing such things should not be supported and need to admit their wrong and try to make amends and learn. I did read that Nick Cannon has made efforts to do that, and I pray this helps him grow as a person.      Now I know that I will take flak from some people for saying these things, but I am fine with it. You see I am willing to do the right thing and call out wrong when I see it. I believe in Jesus and his love for us and that we need to love our neighbors…

A Little Disturbed II

**Found this art of a futuristic dystopian police state. This is not at all how I see things now or even necessarily in the future, but thought it was interesting and might draw some attention. Please read my words below to see what this post is about.
So the second incident that disturbed me is the situation with federal police officers in Portland. They were dressed in camo and initially it was not known or publicized who they were. I have since read that it is CBP (Customs and Border Patrol). They appeared to be sent in to quell the unrest in the city since it has been interpreted that local politicians and law enforcement could not. I later researched that they are protecting the federal courthouse in Portland, or at least that is the official statement as to why they are there. I confess that currently I am not very clear on what the truth is in regards to who they are and what they are doing.       So here is what is disturbing me. For many years I have heard from people around me…

A Little Disturbed I

So I have seen a few things in recent days that disturbed me, and felt a need to post about it. Truthfully I probably see things everyday that disturb me, but something this week has made me want to write about it. I want to just quickly go over these couple of things that have stood out to me.
So first off there was a march in New York City put together by clergy from various faiths and denominations, to call for peace. Alongside the clergy, blue lives matter joined in the march. The NYPD at some point joined to protect the marchers. People from Antifa or some anti-police element tried to block the march because of the pro police element. This resulted in clashes and some were arrested. So I have some issues with how things got to this point and the police potentially co-opting a neutral event to further their side's message, but what disturbed me is a particular scene. A protester, from the anti-police side, was being arrested and some others came up and attacked the police. The …

Salute the Flag

So there is a lot of discussion about this country and its history and current issues with race. I have tried to keep an eye on things as always and give perspective if asked. I was recently asked about a particular topic, which is the Confederate Flag. I would ask that you keep an open mind on what I think and what you could think. Bear in mind that I am offering my perspective which is opinion that I always try to base on facts and logic not just emotion as I fear happens far to often these days.     Full transparency I had written a whole paragraph going off on a tangent, but I deleted it to focus in on this topic. I'll stay on point, but there are some other related things I want to post about.      So anyway let me start with a little background for those who don't know me. I was born and raised in the south. I am proud of  being from Tennessee. I am also proud to be an American. So question me all you want, but that is who I am. I have lived in urban areas and now live in…


*So I wrote this last year and didn't release it. Thought I might post it and see what people think.

Let me drop a little math real quick, so maybe some people out there can better understand a few of my realities. I'm making this about race, but this is in fact the reality for many people for a variety of reasons beyond just race. When you are a minority in whatever sense of the word this is what you are up against.

So I live in Rhea County TN and here are is a little breakdown of the population taken from Census Data:

Population estimates, July 1, 2018, 33,044

Race and Hispanic Origin White alone, not Hispanic or Latino                                90.0% Black or African American alone                                         2.2% American Indian and Alaska Native                                    0.6% Asian alone                                                                             0.6% Native Hawaiian and Other P…


For a long time now I have fought and struggled to be defined by my words and actions and not by those of others. Even after being open and admitting my many faults and failures many still try to put me in a box of their own making. This phenomena is not something I alone endure. In fact if many took the time to examine themselves they probably would see that they too have been judged, or diagnosed, or pigeon holed into something or someone that they are not.
     Now this is not some grand conspiracy, but just an admission of the truth that we are all constantly being defined. From birth our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, even other siblings are trying to define us or we are being defined because of them. Your dad was a preacher so that is what you will become also when the time comes.
     At birth we all came out a certain color and are classified into a certain race. This alone will mark many of us for the entirety of our lives. You may be in the minority or the majority o…