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Preview of Monsters

  Here is a sneak preview of my new book Monsters. I hope you enjoy and be looking out for the eBook being available in the next few days on Amazon and the print edition in the next few weeks. Tucked away on the outskirts of the town of Nairabba is the closest thing to a den of iniquity in all of Kwandu. The Flat Wheeled Wagon Tavern is suited for and was created too, serve traders passing through this part of Kwandu who are looking for a discrete good time. The tavern is away enough from the eyes of all the proper town’s people that it can raise a ruckus and straddle lines of impropriety without bothering anyone. Everyone, including the local priest, knows what goes on in the tavern, but chooses to look the other way. This is probably because secretly a number of the high ranking and influential townsfolk are frequent guest of the establishment. Also as far as the Institute and its priest are concerned, the Flat Wheel as it’s commonly called, does not overtly break any of the most imp
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Book Covers II

 Thank you for all the feedback on my first book covers post! There were some questions about what the HRE one stood for and some feedback on the MSTR one signifying master or monster. So I have added a couple to better showcase the meaning of those two and placed the takes on the same theme side by side. I again appreciate all feedback and criticism and thank you for your help! 1.   2. 3.   4. 5.   6.

Book Covers

 So for my series LIGHT & DARK I've decided to go with a simple cover and keep a consistent look throughout the series. Here are a couple of potential covers for the first book 'MONSTERS'. All feedback is appreciated! 1.           2.   3.           4.  


 So I am planning on releasing a book soon from my new fantasy series LIGHT & DARK. The book is titled 'Monsters'. I will soon share some versions of a cover for the book to see which one will be used for its release on Amazon. The E-book should be available for download sometime around New Years, with the print edition available a few weeks later. Full disclosure, a book from the series was released this year under my Pseudonym of Ceallach. That book will end up being re-released in the future as book two of the series. For now here is map of Astrada I made. I will make another post that includes an excerpt from 'Monsters'.       The series takes place on the world of Astrada, a place with a history of wizards and magic. The wizard empire that once ruled is gone, but magic still exist in some people and through enchantments. The world is mostly at peace, but an unknown darkness threatens the farming communities and simple lives of the people of the southern region


  So I wanted to give some thoughts on the ' CANCEL CULTURE ' that pervades the entertainment industry and in particular how it has applied to actress Gina Carano. First let me say that I have only watched like two episodes of the Mandalorian, both while visiting my parents. Though I am a huge Star Wars fan, I do not have Disney plus. Anyway Gina Carano may have been in one of them. I watched her MMA fights back in the day and I remember her in the first Deadpool movie. Last year I heard some rumblings about some of her tweets being controversial and calls from the Left to can her. More recently of course, something she posted on social media did apparently get her fired or ' CANCELLED ' as it is termed.      Let me start out by saying that yes there is bias in Hollywood. They lean left and if you're on the right and vocal, then they will come after you. This is not something new however, so everyone out there acting shocked and thinking that suddenly the left has t

The Great Divide I

  I actually started on this post back in October 2020. It was all over the place, but I just recently looked at it and got it more focused.       So something has been on my heart for a while, and I have finally decided to write down a few words that will hopefully explain some things about my actions. First off let me state unequivocally that I believe in Matthew 5:43-45 (Love your enemies) and Matthew 22:37-40 (Love your neighbors). So if anyone ever needs help, be they stranger, family, friend, or even enemy, you have but to ask.       With that out of the way let me get to what this is about. I wrote a post called Fence Jumping a while back.   Check it out if you get a chance. I tried back then to let people know some things that are going on. Tried to explain why I'm choosing not to be as social of a person these days. I get the sense however that either people don't care or I haven't withdrawn myself enough f

FAILURE (Leadership)

Continuing my series on failure, I want to talk about the failure in leadership that is happening at multiple levels in our society. So many people look to the President, or Congress, or the governor of their state for leadership. We hold contentious elections believing that if we just select the right person then they will alleviate the fears we have and solve the things we think are problems. Some even believe that we must select certain people or a certain party because it and those candidates are ordained and called by God. On the other hand some pick leaders they think will serve the particular interest of people and groups like themselves. They will further their agenda only, even to the detriment of everyone else. So we fight each other online and around the water cooler, and sometimes actually fight each over who we choose as our political leader.      It is this willingness to wholeheartedly give ourselves to these political leaders that is a major reason why our society is cr