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You Can't See Me!


Hopefully you recognize my homage, but if you don't its me trying to copy the wrestler John Cena. He used to always tell people "You Can't See Me" as he waved a hand in front of his face. I thought my poor imitation would maybe get a laugh and hopefully bring people to the blog to read my latest post.
     Events lately have caused me to think on how we see things in life. How our past and present shape how we even recognize the very reality around us. Not too long ago I posted about how you need to see me, because people really don't. Well I have had more time to think about it, and have come to the conclusion that YOU CAN'T SEE ME. I am literally invisible to most everyone in the world. Okay literally is stretching it. People don't just walk into me or aim their cars at me, or drive off while I'm trying to get into the car. Wait those things do happen, especially that last one. Almost getting drug while I was trying to secure the baby in the car seat is a memory I will never forget. On second thought maybe I am physically invisible.
     Alright all jokes aside here is what got me to thinking about this subject. A few weeks ago the cop who killed Philando Castile was acquitted, and the video of the encounter was released. If you haven't seen it, here is a link to the video on YouTube: Philando Castile Shooting. This post is not really about right or wrong in that situation but the reactions I observed which led me to my newest thought process.
     The group around me at the time is always very supportive of law enforcement. I have witnessed their reactions and listened to their comments on similar incidents in the past. They overwhelmingly side with law enforcement no matter the situation. I cannot stress enough that I am not judging right or wrong here so please continue to read with an open mind!
     I noticed something different this time as they all began to watch the video. Some looked shocked like they saw something they previously believed wasn't real or something that was invisible that suddenly materialized. Many couldn't believe the officer shot the man in that situation, and suddenly the fact that he was found not guilty didn't make sense to them.
     I have seen this look in my own life when various people discover things about me. A while back a co-worker saw me leaving her neighbor's house and asked what I was doing. I told her we just came back from hunting and that blew her mind that I went hunting. She literally said " I just couldn't see you doing that". Many times its the same when I tell people about scuba diving, writing, previous job in law enforcement, political views, religious views, being single, health issues. Also beyond that its similar to when people realize that what they had decided for me, big or small, is not what I wanted.
     What I'm talking about is belief. When people can't believe things they can't see them. Its like when someone doesn't know Jesus then suddenly they see him and their eyes are forever changed. The way you see life and the things and people around you changes. Yet some people don't change even when they find out the truth. So it is understandable that when people see something like the Castile shooting they can't really accept the possibility that maybe it doesn't fit the image you have always accepted.
     Things can defy how our minds interpret the data our eyes see. A picture can become clearer when you adjust your view or look at it in a different light. When the image changes from what we thought it can be hard to accept it. Hard to accept people and things about them. When the curtain gets pulled back and you see reality in all its many colors and shades, not just black and white, what will you do? Will you think differently or treat people differently. When you discover more about me can you see the person I truly am, and know that I only want the world to be a better place.
     No you will continue thinking and doing as you have been programmed to do. We make judgments before finding out any facts. We decide before we get to know a person who they are, and its hard to change that initial image once you have it burned into your brain. So I understand now that people here on this earth YOU CANT SEE ME. At least not the real me anyway, only the different versions you have made up in your own minds or had made up by others. I take solace in the fact that in the end that doesn't matter. I have a LORD above that can see me, and the waves and winds still know his name and it is well.


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