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The Sheep

So I am anticipating that my photo has probably got a few peoples attention, and I hope you will stay and read this post. You see I have tried to keep this blog from being about politics. It is mean't to be about things I have seen and observed on my walk through this life. This will touch a topic of great political discourse these days, but I assure you it is still my observations and not some political statement for or against something. As usual I am always just trying to get people to use their minds and not be enslaved. that being said here are some my observations.
     America is still the greatest country on earth. We have our problems and issues, but it is still founded on great principles and gives more opportunity and safety than most places. I'm sure events such as what happened in Florida recently and things you hear about happening in big cities might make you think otherwise. I challenge you to actually look at crime, economic, and social statistics in your community and compare it with other places in the US and then around the world.
     Now let me get to to the real topic of this post. The topic that brought you here based on the above picture, GUNS. It is something that preoccupies much of the media's attention, and the topic of conversation on Facebook and around the water cooler at many workplaces. Some people think we don't need them at all, they are the cause of violence in our society, and people shouldn't have them. Others think we all need guns, the more we have the better protected we will be, and they will solve the violence in our society. Most people are probably somewhere in between both of those extremes, or maybe the extremes are where people are at these days. I can attest that I definitely hear people loudly proclaim those extremes, while others who are probably in between don't say much.
     That is part of the problem with this, and other issues. There are people who have common sense and level heads who remain silent, while big mouths and angry people dominate the issue. When good people don't stand up wrong will triumph.
     The real issue with guns is the fact that we put emphasis on the thing and not the person or action. One side is so hell bent on having one and the other so determined to take them away that both miss the truth. On its own the gun does nothing. It takes an action from a person to make it do something. Your gun is not protecting you or society. That gun is also not destroying society. Whether you have a gun or not, its the individual who decides what kind of person they will be. You decide to protect or destroy people. You might have a gun or not. That criminal might have a gun or not. What if you or them have something else like a knife or a bat, or maybe just nothing at all.
      I'm just gonna tell you, having a weapon doesn't determine if a criminal is going to commit a crime. If somebody got it in them to do something to you they will. You got it and they want it. To get it they might just pick up a rock and beat you over the head, or maybe just run up and knock you out with their fist. On the flip side if somebody got it in them to protect and be a guardian, they will do so under whatever circumstance they are in. Some of you out there need to stop hiding behind your guns, because you do it out of fear not for public safety. Others need to stop living in fear of the gun, because it is tool that can save lives. Criminals will not disarm themselves just because a law says so, and 'Some' people need to have the same tools to combat them.
     So your probably saying at this point what is your solution JMFK. You seem to be hitting both sides so what side are you on? I am on the side that says this and so many problems are societal in nature. We have let society collapse while we keep digging trenches and growing further apart. How about we get back to caring for the common good.
     How about we care about communities and people instead of demonizing them. Do some outreach and help people in need, instead of just staying around where your at, where things are good. Lets address some of the problems in the mental health and criminal justice system instead of just keeping the status quo, which isn't working. Lets look at the economic situation in high crime areas, and see if we cant improve that to cut down the crime. Lets focus on families and how we can build them up, so they can be productive and continue that way with every generation. Lets educate people and not let them fall behind or fall through the cracks. This includes education on gun safety, and responsibility for those who have guns.
     Chiefly to this and all things is love. So many of us claim to be followers of Christ, who calls us to unity in love, but yet and still all that comes out our mouths is things about hate and things that divide us. All that we post about or talk about is the gun and not the people behind the gun or who are affected by it. So quick to jump on gun rights and taking guns away that we don't even take a moment to reflect on the loss of life. An object means more to us than peoples lives. Hate and division is what is gotten us where we are. How about we follow Christ example and try to love one another. When you love you will care about a person, and even if they are lost you will try to save them instead of casting them aside.
     He leaves the 99!


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