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In these blog post and in my daily conversations I try to encourage people as well as spread and take in knowledge. Sometimes I think people feel that I am not genuine or that I am talking down to people when that is the furthest thing from the truth. When I talk about being hypocritical or prejudice, I am talking about all people including myself. I have and am continuing to work on making myself better and only want to encourage people to do the same.

     So today I thought I would share something, so that hopefully others can learn from my mistakes and not make them. 

     Years ago I started working with someone who I only knew by reputation. It was a good reputation as everyone always talked about how smart this person was and so kindhearted, a good christian man. So when I started working with this person I decided that I was not impressed. I decided everybody was hyping this guy up and he was no better than me, who never gets hyped up by people. My PRIDE in myself couldn't let me acknowledge him. When this person did anything I was like whatever, and it frustrated me that other people seemed to be amazed at his accomplishments.
     Now bear in mind this is my internal self not external self. In other words I didn't show how I was feeling, I treated him fine. Still I did some self evaluation and realized how I was in the wrong. I was prejudging this man because of people in my past that looked or seemed like him, but were wolves in sheep's clothing. When I got to actually know and work with this person I realized he had a genuine heart for good. He wasn't a pretender like others I had known in the past. I couldn't let the past or other situations decide for me who this person was without giving them a chance to show who they are.
     I learned a valuable lesson from that situation, and I have shared with people how I have paid more attention to my own prejudice because of it. What I may not have shared is something I have also come to realize from that situation. I was JEALOUS of this guy, and that played a big part in my attitude towards him. He has it all, he looks good, good shape, very smart, has a good marriage, good children, community loves him, church family loves him, work loves him, in other words all the things I wish I had.
     I have to ask forgiveness for my pride-fullness and jealousy, and strive everyday to live a more humble life. Part of that is not being afraid of the EXPOSURE of my faults.


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