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So Far Past Offended

So someone asked had they offended me, which is not unusual, but my response to them could be taken as such. You see these days when people ask that, I tell them I am so far past offended. What does that mean though? Did I, or didn't I offend you? Well here is the plain truth about offending me:

-When you talk of being a person of love, but you constantly speak of hate, I am offended by you misrepresenting yourself as a spiritual person.

-When you are willing to speak about and post far left and far right conspiracies, I am offended when I show you they are not factual and the best you can do is say sorry for offending me, no retraction no admitting publicly you were wrong. Its not me you need to apologize too, but the people you mislead.

-When people speak of killing the president, or wishing death upon him. I am offended because if you know my past then you know I am proud of my brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line daily for whoever sits in the oval office, and you wish death on them as well since they will give their lives to protect him.

-When you call people who are 'disrespectfully' protesting against perceived police brutality 'animals', but when a group gathers and says they want to eliminate people like me and one of them runs over a crowd of people, you say that group is just exercising their 1st amendment rights, I am offended by your bias and lack of concern for all human life.

-When good people who can influence what others say and do, sit back and say or do nothing when they know people are wrong, I am offended that you don't live up to the higher calling you are called too, choosing silence for the sake of conformity to your environment.

So what does this all mean? It means that being offended is nothing new to me. I am so far past it because people are going to do things that are offensive, whether intentionally or ignorantly, and I can't sit around and cry about it every time someone does. What I said above has been done by co-workers, friends, people I went to church with, some of my teachers, and even family members. It means if you have to ask, then you probably suspect that you probably already have. Unless your going to change what you said or did that was offensive then just know that to me your still the same offensive person.
     I try my best to not let that affect how I treat people, but I fall short at times. Just don't mistake how I might act towards you one day as an indication that you just offended me. I might just be having a bad day, and I'm sorry for those days where I'm not being my best self. I just want you to know that behaviors like what I listed will offend me, whether they should is debatable, but either way I strive to not let that determine how I treat people. I am as always open to criticism so if I am falling short let me know.

P.S. Please stop worrying about if I am on your side, or the other side, or I'm trying to get you on my side. The only side I'm about is trying to sit at my savior's side! Don't worry so much about offending me with the things you say and do, worry that you might be offending HIM! 


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