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Once again the people of this country are paying attention to the violence that takes place in our nation. Several mass shootings have captured our attention and our politicians are even taking notice and shouting about what they perceive are causes and solutions. Once again I am hearing about MENTAL HEALTH.
     First a little background on my experiences. Growing up I saw a person who was normally happy and smiling, not be on their medication and suddenly they were trying to fight people in church. As a police officer I had a number of instances with people not on their medication, or needing to have been on medication, and violent and sometimes just strange confrontations occurred. I also in general have noted how the societies I have lived around sometimes disregard MENTAL HEALTH, or stigmatize it to the point where people don't seek mental help out of fear and shame. In particular I have experienced a severe lack of focus on MENTAL HEALTH in the black communities and culture that I was brought up in. Even in my own family it is something that was not talked about, and if it all, only secretly sought. I have also watched people with things like anxiety not live and enjoy life because of it, while others receive medication and live productive lives full of opportunities they wouldn't have sought because of their anxiety issues. On a personal level I have felt the sting of anxiety as it fights against me, to the point of feeling ill, as it has tried to stop me from doing the things that I want and sometimes need to do.
     So here is my issue. It can't be when an Islamic extremist does a mass killing its terrorism caused by false religious ideology and hatred. When blacks commit crimes their violent thugs, and when they commit mass killing they hate the police and white people in general. Then when someone white commits a mass murder, in particular of a targeted group, its MENTAL HEALTH.
     They were just completely normal, had a great outlook on life and did great things for their family and the community they lived in until they played Grand Theft Auto once and then they lost their minds and couldn't help but go out and kill a bunch of people. Lets get real about whats going on in our society. Violent video games, the internet, TV, social media, gun laws, mental health regulations, all have an effect, but a person pulled the trigger with a thought and intent to kill people. This happens almost daily, people go out with a thought and intent to hurt and harm people and they do it.
     Many people suffer from MENTAL HEALTH problems. Some are on drugs and are alcoholics and some are out committing crimes, and maybe they might not be if they could have got some help with the mental trauma they have endured. Some were raped and abused, some saw loved ones taken away in violence, some are bi-polar, and never dealt with or received treatment for these problems. These ain't no excuses for anything, this is just the truth of what we all face on our walk through this world, and some need help with that walk to stay on the path.
     You see many of us have mentalities that need to be changed, and that is also part of MENTAL HEALTH. If we let go of some of our mentalities we might seek to help people instead of just denigrating them.We might love all people regardless of who or what they are. We might just get help to people instead of just running away from them or blocking them out or locking them away. You see some people out there don't know what psychological counseling, and in some cases medications, can do for you and the problems in your mind. Some don't know what letting THE MOST HIGH into your hearts can do to the hate you might feel! If we can't even talk to each other because of our mentalities then many will never find these things out.
     So if we gone talk about MENTAL HEALTH then lets have a real conversation. Lets break down the walls of shame and stigmatization that stop people from seeking help. Lets break down the barriers and lack of opportunity for some people to get the help they need. Seek knowledge and understanding so that maybe we will change the mentalities that keep us from advancing forward. Lets also stop using it as an excuse in some cases and deal with how it affects many situations. Most importantly lets all allow HIS love in our hearts so that we will be guided by him in all things, because he makes all things work together for our good!


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