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So I wanted to give some thoughts on the 'CANCEL CULTURE' that pervades the entertainment industry and in particular how it has applied to actress Gina Carano. First let me say that I have only watched like two episodes of the Mandalorian, both while visiting my parents. Though I am a huge Star Wars fan, I do not have Disney plus. Anyway Gina Carano may have been in one of them. I watched her MMA fights back in the day and I remember her in the first Deadpool movie. Last year I heard some rumblings about some of her tweets being controversial and calls from the Left to can her. More recently of course, something she posted on social media did apparently get her fired or 'CANCELLED' as it is termed.
     Let me start out by saying that yes there is bias in Hollywood. They lean left and if you're on the right and vocal, then they will come after you. This is not something new however, so everyone out there acting shocked and thinking that suddenly the left has taken over and is against them, wake up. For my history buffs out there you may recall that in 1962 future President Ronald Reagan was let go, 'CANCELLED' from his TV hosting gig for GE. This was in part because of his criticism of one of GE's customers, namely TVA. He made mention of TVA as an example of socialism creeping into America. Not to get off subject, but conservative's of the past considered TVA a part of 'Big Government' and against conservative ideals. Something for "conservative" people who currently work for TVA to think about.
     Let me also say that if you feel like Disney is so wrong for firing Gina Carano then CANCEL your subscription. Matter of fact, go ahead and CANCEL Netflix and Hulu as well. If you feel they aren't supporting family values and Christianity then stop supporting them. Switch to PUREFLIX, a platform that is made specifically for that. Also, ifou think big government is helping the socialist agenda, stop working for it. Leave TVA and any other part of the military industrial complex behind. Show what you truly believe in. 
     So let me get specifically on topic. I did read Gina Carano's post about the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. Now some are acting like she straight up compared Jews of that time to conservative's of today, which she didn't, but her meaning is definitely implied in my opinion.  Although she does not directly compare it to the treatment of  conservatives in America today with the way she worded it, she does ask in the tweet how the treatment of Jews is any different from hating someone for their political views. 
     Let me break it down further. The stuff she starts off talking about with Jews being hated and attacked by their neighbors is consistent with history that I have studied. So, no harm there to remind people of it, but to what point would the post have been if not to compare it something? I could understand if maybe you had been asked something about that time in history or this was some anniversary of the events back then, but she is not claiming any of that. I listened to her defend the post and she claimed to be talking about the strength and dignity that the Jews showed during that time and that she was trying to unify people with the post. I read the tweet and I fail to see any of that in what she said. So in my opinion she is back peddling from what she knows was the intent of her tweet, which was to draw attention to the horrible plight that people like her face for their political views.   
     She is right however in believing that the left has actively tried to CANCEL her. She is not the first and won't be the last. Cancel culture is real and as I showed earlier, it has been around for a long time. The thing is, that doesn't excuse people from doing and saying the right thing. Lets all stop making excuses and do what's right no matter the reward or penalty. She and others like her are not oppressed minorities in any since of the word. They do a disservice and make a mockery of the people who have truly been treated horribly. You want to bring unity then say and do things that bring people together. Nothing in her statement and the other tweets I have seen her post have anything to do with us coming together. She is just supporting political talking points that do nothing but divide us. Lets stop supporting people because they are unapologetic and "strong", not afraid to fight the radical left or right. Instead maybe we could show support for, "re-tweet", and post stuff coming from people actually talking about and working to bring people together with the unity that Christ offers. 
     For me personally, she could have simply said she did not mean to imply that she or other conservatives were being treated like Jews of that time, and that would have been enough for me. Instead she has decided  to play the victim of the "radical left" and be unapologetic about the things she says and does. Apologizing wouldn't have satisfied the Cancel Culture, but that's not the reason to do what is right. Do it for yourself because you know and I know that her life is nothing like the Jews in Nazi Germany and it is foolish to even imply that. Take responsibility for your words and deeds. 
     Lastly let me say that no one can CANCEL the culture of doing what is right, no matter how hard they try. You make a choice in what you say and do. No matter what you watch and who you like as an actor, singer, politician, none of them are the example. Jesus and his ways and the things he says are always worthy to support and a path for you to follow no matter what the media and society says. If were going to CANCEL anything lets CANCEL this culture of division and look past these celebrities and politicians and look towards the cross and how to help lead people to it!


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