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We have become very fixated on crime in certain cities in this country. A lot of false information is out there and I thought a quick reminder of math might help clear up some things.
Crime rates are listed in crimes per amount of people. This lets you know statistically how likely you are to be a victim of that crime in one area compared to another.
     The crime we in the US seem to be fascinated with is homicide, but many time we just see total number and fail to understand the rate. So if you are in a room full of ten people and I say half the people will be murdered you will probably be shocked because five people died. While in another room the same will happen, half will be murdered, but there are only two people in that room. Will you be as shocked? The same rate is happening in both rooms, but which would you choose to be in if they were the only choices? Something to think about for sure.
     That being said here is a link to a site listing the 30 cities, population over 25,000, with the highest murder rates Murder rates 2017. I urge you to check your own city on that site and see your crime rates and how they compare to rates in other cities and nationally.

Here is a top ten from that site:

10 Camden, NJ
9 New Orleans, LA
8 Detroit, MI
7 Flint, MI
6 Petersburg, VA
5 Baltimore, MD
4 St. Louis, MO
3 Gary, IN
2 Chester, PA
1 East St. Louis, IL

     As you may notice Chicago. IL is not on that list, but you know who is, Gary and East St. Louis. If murder rates is what your going to look at then lets look at them please. Those cities have been high on crime list for many years, but you probably don't know that because your politics tell you to worry about Chicago or DC. Don't let the fakers tell you if we just stopped crime in Chicago, DC, and Baltimore, that everything will be better in the US. That we would instantly become the safest country in the world without those cities.That is what your choice of media tells you, but I'm telling you look it up. You take those cities away you take away high population numbers as well and with rates just as high or higher in other parts of the country you would not have changed anything.Your state and the FBI make the data available to you so if you think I am misleading you, check me!
     We could just ignore the truth and let people in Gary keep wishing someone would give a damn about whats been happening there for decades, or we could change our minds and focus on actually solving problem and making places safer!
     So LET ME SPLAIN THIS about crime. One, murder is not the only crime. Also hospitals are better these days so people who are shot survive more often, so they won't then be included in the homicide rate. Therefore an area cannot be judged as dangerous just by murder rates. If you get beat up, robbed, or raped every other day and nobody cares until you get murdered, then the real 'dangerous' areas stay hidden. How can we ever actually fight crime and make places safer if we can't even realize where the dangerous places are?


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