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My Whole House Matters

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 Some people may remember my house in Nashville flooded a few years ago. Now when I bought the house I was forced to buy flood insurance for the whole house because the den, which sits a few feet lower than the rest of the house, was in the thousand year flood zone. The den was in the problem area, but its attached to the house so MY WHOLE HOUSE MATTERS. Now the great thousand year flood came and wouldn't you know it the den flooded.
     My family, who I can't thank enough, came down to my house and fought the waters. I was out of town working. There was nothing in it for them, but because they have love in their hearts they fought for me. They know we are connected through physical and spiritual blood, so to them it was worth the effort because for them JOHN MATTERS.
     Now I get to Nashville and start cleaning up. Now as I said the den flooded. The rest of the house was fine. If you had been in the bedrooms on the opposite side of the house you might have just kicked back and ignored what was going on in the den. In the living room you might just have sat on the couch watching TV. That is until the den started affecting the rest of the house like cutting off the electricity, or mold getting in the walls.
     I call the insurance agency and they want to know where the damage is and I tell them the den. Now of course the WHOLE HOUSE MATTERS, but at that time it was the den that had a problem so I stressed to the agency that the DEN MATTERS.  They come by and look at the damage and tell me the den is classified as a basement so it doesn't get the same coverage as the rest of the house. So even though I pay for the WHOLE house and the den is the PROBLEM area, because they considered it a basement I wouldn't get the attention or money for the den that the rest of the house would have gotten.
     My family and friends could have just sat back and said your fault for living in a flood zone. I could have done nothing and complained all day to the insurance AGENCY while the den deteriorated. I could have just put my hope in the AGENCY to fix my problems for me. Instead I and my family had to make the best with what we got, and with hard work we made it happen.
     When there are problems that need solving people come together to solve it. Even when they are at a disadvantage, because they don't have all they maybe should. It takes people to make up the difference and make it better when the AGENCY doesn't solve the problem.
     MY WHOLE HOUSE MATTERS, the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, all of it no matter size, color, orientation, configuration.  A problem in one room can affect the whole house if you don't pay attention. When you don't fix the problems then they spread to the other rooms, and soon they too need help. You could just get rid of the den. Separate or close it off from the rest of the house. You could just ignore it and hope it doesn't affect the rest of the house. It depends on if the den MATTERS to you or not. When you see what MATTERS you come together and fix it.


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