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In a far away land there was an Empire with a population that was divided on how the society should be run and who should rule them. Because of the division, very distinct groups formed over time. Nearly half wanted to keep with tradition, while an almost identical sized part of the population favored forgetting the past. The first group was called Traditionalist and the second group was called Progressivist. There is a third smaller group, Indies, that see the value in maintaining traditions, but also knows that without progress there will be stagnation, which has been the downfall of many Empires.
      For a long time the Empire had been the unchallenged power of their world, but in the last few decades that preeminence was slipping. It was a time of peril for the land as crops did not produce as they had before. Many lost their farms and homes and had to beg for help so they would not perish. A seemingly never ending war against an enemy, that could be in lands far and wide or within the Empire's borders, continued to take the lives of combatants and civilians alike.
     During this time of strife, two worthy candidates stepped forward to assume the mantle of Supreme Leader. One was old and had experience and wisdom, while the other was young and full of energy and passion. The Traditionalist sided with the older candidate, Macklon, while the Progressivist sided with the younger candidate, Oberon. The contest became bitter as the opposing sides supported their candidate with vigor. Unfortunately some on the Traditionalist side grew very fearful of losing their traditions and resorted to spreading rumors and prophecies of doom and gloom that would befall the land. Though the land was already suffering they warned that if Oberon were to take power, the Empire would would fall and never return to the days of its former glory.
     Now Macklon was a man of dignity and would not lower himself to vile words and taunting as some of his supporters wished him to do. He engaged Oberon in spirited debate and conversation instead of blasphemy and slander. Oberon was young and not as experienced in being a ruler. He made claims of being able to change things about the Empire that were not possible and that someone like Macklon knew were beyond the control of the Supreme Leader. Still the people were ready for change and many of the Indies joined the Progressivist in support of Oberon.
     Oberon won the contest and many people rejoiced for one such as himself had never become Supreme Leader before. Even people in other nations and kingdoms marvelled at this man, giving him praise and glory before he had even accomplished anything. Those who lost the contest fell into depression, but that soon turned to anger. His reign ignited hate, and ancient groups of evil rose again with new found support for their ideals of intolerance and isolation. Other groups rose to challenge them, preaching tolerance and inclusion while at the same denigrating those who did not share their opinions on how to live and think.
     During Oberon's reign the land was healed. Commerce was restored and the people began to produce goods again and build new dwellings. The Progressivist claimed the future had come and it was theirs forevermore. Some changes in society took place and though there was objection and apprehension, the Empire survived and thrived. The prophecies of an end did not come true, and the Progressivist rejoiced whether they prospered or not.
     The Tradionalist prospered during Oberon's reign, even more so than the Progressivist, but still they were not happy with the direction the Empire was going. So at every chance they fought against anything the Progressivist tried to do. Many of their leaders claimed to be doing what is best for the people, yet they offered nothing but opposition. They had no plans to make the Empire better, they only wanted to halt Oberon at any cost.
     Alas after eight years Oberon was required to give up the throne. For those eight years the Progressivist had worshipped at the throne and were saddened that it had to be so, some wishing he could stay on the throne till he died. The Traditionalist were happy for this ending of an era, but some still warned that Oberon would try to hold onto power forever and prepared for a civil war that they thought and hoped would come.


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