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Let Me Splain This (What Matters)

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As this year comes to a close I thought I would share some something I wrote a while ago and never posted. It is related to a post from a few years ago I made about my house in Nashville that flooded:

     If you haven't read it I encourage you to click the link above. So it was basically me describing the events that happened around the time the house flooded during the Great Flood of Nashville. More than that however I was trying to make a bigger point which might have been lost. Sometimes I may be too subtle and veiled in my writings, so I decided to make this post. I decided to be more blunt in the point I was making back then.
      So when I was talking about "my house" I was making a point about "this country". You see the whole country matters, not just one part of it or one of its people. We are very separated in many ways in this country, but we are one country. One house with many rooms. Different people living in different places with different backgrounds and functions, but all still Americans.
     When I spoke specifically of the "den" that was the room in the house that needed attention, just as sometimes there are specific segments of our society or geographic areas of our great country that need attention because that's where the problems are. The den had flooded and it was the problem area. I could have stayed in the other rooms and ignored the den, but eventually its issues would have spread and endangered the stability of the rest of the house. In the same way if we ignore situations in this country because its not us, or the people like us, or our part of the country, we risk letting those issues get out of control and spill over into the rest of the country. It could just start with one problem street, then its a problem neighborhood, then side of town, then entire city before you know it.
     Lastly I spoke of my family and how they came together to help me though they had nothing to gain. I said it was because of the love that family has for each other. In that same vain we need to help people. We need to help situations even when there may be no apparent gain. We need to do it because we are all God's children. We are a family and should love one another in the same way.
     So if you get anything from the previous post or from this one, please let it be that all life is precious. We can't just be concerned with our part of this great nation. We can't just close the door and stay in our room when another part of the house needs our attention. I encourage everyone to be stewards of the whole house. When you take on responsibility for the whole house, this whole country will become a better place. When trouble comes, when times get bad, when there are people in need, we can come together and help our American Family and that's What Matters.


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